Our Christening range you will find a huge variety, featuring traditional to the more fashionable style.  Discover our exclusive knit ware range that illustrates an easier and more relaxed look for the occasion. With an array of knitted bonnets or knitted booties, for both baby boys and girls.  For your baby boy we have rompers that are perfectly fitting for the day.  In addition to this choose an outfit that creates a more elegant look.  We have other options that include a hint of color for the more fashion forward families. 

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Classic and elegant

If you’re looking for something more formal, we have a huge selection of short dresses as well as traditional christening gowns that will please any grandmother.  The array of Christening gowns at Petit, are both suitable for baby boys and girls as we have unisex styles.  Some designs are more elaborate with beading and even feathers for the trend setters.  With every possible accessory from tights, shoes, and soft hair bands, and christening blankets to complete any vision you have for the special family day. 

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Better together

Thinking of a second outfit or dress for later on in the day we have an array of smart baby grows or knit wear that your baby will be comfortable in while still being stylish.  This complete range is exclusive to Petit and available in store only.